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Practice Makes Perfect at a Fly Day

Regular and repeated exercise of an activity is the best way to become proficient in it. It also helps reveal potential elements of friction in the process that can be addressed before becoming an issue in a high-stress situation. First responders are very familiar with the concept and train the use of their tools regularly.

Fly day gif

Today, one of the tools our firefighters have come to appreciate in assisting their mission are drones, and the team from DroneSense was invited to participate in a drone training exercise in Austin, informally called a Fly Day, by our local Fire Department’s Special Ops Team.

Austin Special Ops team

Our team received a lot of valuable feedback on the platform and learned new innovate ways in which the platform is being utilized in fire and rescue operations. These types of collaborative training exercises are baked into our DNA, and much of the feedback we’ve received over the years has been then impetus for where our product is today.
 Hanging out at fly day

We are proud to be partnered with our local fire department, and much of the training and tactics they've employed on the DroneSense platform has made Central Texas a nationwide leader in the usage of drones in fire and rescue operations.

Spending time with our first responders as always a win-win. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in case you want to invite us to participate in your next Fly Day!