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Mobile Streaming & Tracking: Next-Level Public Safety Collaboration

As technology continues to advance, so does the potential for innovation in public safety operations. Drones work best in collaboration, and the ability to leverage mobile streaming and tracking capabilities within our platform opens up a whole new dimension to what’s possible for missions. With MSAT, every cell phone or tablet becomes a vital part of the command center action, offering real-time live-stream video and GPS location data to enhance decision-making and information capture.



MSAT Features

  1. Android and iOS Compatibility: MSAT works seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring widespread accessibility for first responders.

  2. Hardware Agnostic: Our platform is designed to be hardware agnostic, making it compatible with various devices, including drones, helicopters, ground robotics, marine robotics, and more.

  3. Tracking with or without Camera Feed: MSAT allows tracking even without a camera feed, expanding its application beyond just visual data collection.

  4. Wide Range of Supported Assets: MSAT supports various assets, including drones from DJI Avata, Autel, Loki, Fotokite, crewed aviation, GoPros, K9 units, Ghost Robotics Vision 60, tactical/interior drones, and ground-based search personnel with cell phones or tablets.

  5. Visible in Ops Hub and Mobile App: The tracked assets are visible in Ops Hub and accessible to other mobile app users, promoting collaboration and a comprehensive common operational picture.

  6. Mission Sharing Functionality: MSAT includes stream notifications, mission sharing, layers, and iconography for enhanced mission coordination and communication.

  7. Android Capture Card: Our Android capture card enables compatibility with almost any camera system, providing flexibility in asset integration.

Embracing Mobile Devices in Public Safety Missions

Our goal with MSAT is to enhance the capabilities of first responders and create a more comprehensive view of operations. By using mobile devices as "boots on the ground" assets, we enable real-time video streaming from various perspectives, complementing live drone feeds. This integration ensures that all participants, whether in the air or on the ground, can collaborate efficiently, resulting in a safer and more effective operation.

Examples of MSAT in Action

  1. K9 Units: Mobile devices strapped to K9 units can enter buildings or schools, providing live video streams and GPS tracking on the map.

  2. Search and Rescue (SAR): Dogs equipped with mobile devices assist in locating missing persons, and drones are then deployed to follow the dog's GPS location.

  3. Helicopter Operations: Mobile devices in helicopters operating at higher elevations can complement drone operations, expanding the scope of data collection.

Unified Command and Situational Awareness

With MSAT, all video streams and data from drones and non-drone assets are consolidated in Ops Hub, accessible to command centers and mobile devices. The ability to visualize all assets on a map streamlines deconfliction for manned and unmanned assets, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making.

Partnering with DroneSense:

Our valued partners across the nation have embraced this technology, and we're excited to witness its creative applications. Integrating drones and other assets in missions marks a game-changing advancement for DroneSense and your organization. To explore mobile streaming and tracking, reach out to us at sales@dronesense.com with the subject: Mobile Streaming. For support and inquiries, visit our support page