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Mastering UAS Pre-Ops Planning for Large-Scale Events

Planning and executing UAS operations at large-scale events can be as thrilling as it is complex. With meticulous pre-operations planning, you can ensure your drone missions soar smoothly and safely. This guide will delve into the nuances of UAS pre-ops planning, key considerations, r …

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[Webinar] Key Steps to Obtain a BVLOS Waiver for DFR Operations

In this webinar, DroneSense's resident Drone as First Responder (DFR) expert, Brandon Karr, delves into the complexities and essential requirements for obtaining a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver. He outlines the significant challenges faced by public safety agencies and pr …

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[Customer Story] Keeping 350,000 Spectators Safe with Drone Technology

The 2024 Indy 500 was more than just a race; it was a large-scale public safety operation that highlighted the incredible power of drone technology and the importance of inter-agency collaboration. With 350,000 attendees, ensuring security required meticulous planning and real-time si …

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Safeguarding Your Drone Operations: Ensuring Top-Level Security

As the use of drones in public safety continues to grow, ensuring robust drone data security has never been more critical. Drones are invaluable tools for emergency responders, law enforcement, and disaster management teams. They collect and transmit vast amounts of sensitive data, wh …

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Revolutionizing Public Safety and Beyond with Skydio and DroneSense

In today's fast-paced world, technology plays a crucial role in enhancing public safety and operational efficiency. At the forefront of this revolution are Skydio and DroneSense, two innovative companies that are transforming the way we approach public safety. In this article, we will …

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A Guide to FAA Drone Regulations for Public Safety Use

Navigating FAA drone regulations is crucial, and if you’re like most, you’ve probably asked this question: Do I need a license to fly a drone? The short answer is yes, you do need a license to fly a drone for any commercial or public safety purpose.

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Tech in Blue: The Future of Policing with Englewood's Drone Program

In the heart of Englewood, Colorado, a forward-thinking initiative by the local police department is changing the way law enforcement and community safety are approached. Four years ago, the Englewood Police Department embarked on a journey to integrate technology with traditional pol …

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[Guide] A Comprehensive Guide to Grants for Drone Programs and How to Secure Funding

A police officer prepares a drone with a camera and lights, ready for deployment, with a patrol car in the background.

Ever wondered how you can kickstart a drone program for your agency, but find yourself hitting a roadblock called "limited budget"? You're not alone. In fact, did you know that over 60% of public safety agencies operate on less than $10,000 per year, with about 23% managing a drone pr …

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[Customer Story] Bridging the Gap Between Crewed and Uncrewed Operations

Officers observing a drone in flight at dusk

In a landscape defined by uncertainty and risks, the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) stands out as a pioneer in embracing cutting-edge technology to better serve and protect its community of over 1.4 million residents, covering 504 square miles. Their journey with aviation is not …

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Advancing Public Safety: Real-World Drone Applications in Emergency Response

An aerial view of a landscape showing a house with a red roof next to a washed-out area with visible erosion

In recent years, the integration of drones into public safety operations has marked a transformative shift in how emergency services respond to critical incidents. From search and rescue missions to high-intensity law enforcement operations, drones have become invaluable assets, provi …

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