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DroneSense Introduces Mobile Streaming & Asset Tracking

Mobile streaming and tracking (MSAT)

DroneSense, a comprehensive software platform that empowers organizations to build, manage, and scale unmanned aircraft programs, is excited to introduce two new features to improve user experience and increase the safety and functionality of public safety operations – Mobile Streamin …

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Case Study: Covering the George Floyd Protests & Entombment with sUAS

George Floyd entombment

Guest post by Brandon Carr, City of Pearland sUAS Team

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Texas Department of Public Safety Awards DroneSense SaaS Contract

Texas DPS and DroneSense

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has always been at the forefront of integrating UAS capabilities into their programs. Today, we are honored to formally receive an award contract to provide software and support for one of the largest Public Safety drone operations in the U. …

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[Customer Story] How Drones Can Facilitate Distribution of Water & Vaccines

Drones and Mass Distribution

In the aftermath of the devastating winter storm that overtook Texas and the surrounding region the week of February 14th, many people were left in dire situations and grasping for the most basic of needs. Despite being the energy capital of the US and boasting its own power grid, mil …

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Selecting the Best Drones for Your Public Safety Drone Program

Flying a drone

Identifying the right drones for a public safety drone program can be a daunting task. In this fast-moving industry, it is often difficult to stay up-to-date with all the latest technology. This is especially tough when you’re sifting through the features designed for other use cases …

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Public Safety UAS Demo Day – Central Texas

Public Safety UAS demo day

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a Public Safety UAS Demo Day for a number of public safety agencies looking to build or further develop their drone program. We held this event at The ACC Public Safety Training Center in Kyle with our partners at Austin Community College, who …

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Demystifying Part 107s & COAs for Public Safety Drone Operations

Part 107 and COA chart

As many public safety organizations (PSOs) begin to implement and realize the immediate and tangible benefits of using drones in their operations, one of the most critical aspects of becoming fully operational and compliant in the eyes of the FAA is obtaining a Part 107 (for drone pil …

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What Drone Pilots Need to Know About the Part 107 Exam

What to know about the Part 107 exam

This past June the FAA released the Part 107 ruling, a highly anticipated set of rules governing the usage of drones for commercial purposes that will be enacted on August 29, 2016. As we transition to Part 107, now in the waning days of the 333 Exemption, drone pilots will no longer …

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